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Car repairs and Servicing, Louth - M. A. Stephenson Autos Ltd

M. A. Stephenson Autos Ltd, based in Louth, Linconshire are a local, independent garage and service Louth and its surrounding areas.

Our Hours:
Monday to Friday:8.00am - 5.30pm
Saturday:8.00am - 12.30pm

Air Conditioning for Car

As a standard most modern new cars and vehicles have air conditioning. As with any oth  [More]

Shock Absorbers & Brakes

Keeping your brakes and shock absorbers functioning properly is imperative to ensure t  [More]

Batteries - Car

At M.A. Stephenson Autos, we keep a wide range of batteries in stock at all times. Pl  [More]

Exhausts - Car

Our team have years of experience with repairing, replacing and testing car exhausts.  [More]

Repairs - Car

Our team has years of experience with performing repairs and solving problems on a wid  [More]

Safety Checks - Car

M.A. Stephenson Autos can provide a number check to ensure that your car is in good ph  [More]

Servicing - Car

We can provide regular servicing for drivers who do high mileage as well as full servi  [More]

Tyres - Car

We hold a wide selection of tyres in stock so that we can suit the needs of a wider ra  [More]

Welding - Car

Our garage is equipped with all of the appropriate welding tools and skills so that we  [More]

Collection & Delivery Se

For those who cannot conveniently to drop off and collect their car, we may be able to  [More]

Vehicle Clutch Replaceme

The clutch of a car is essential, transferring power from the engine to the wheels. I  [More]

Courtesy Cars

For those drivers who a vehicle is essential to one hundred percent of the time, we ca  [More]

Vehicle Engine Diagnosti

We make use of tools from SUN and SNAP ON and have the ability to identify and fix all  [More]

Vehicle Engine Managemen

M.A. Stephenson Autos use the latest in engine tuning equipment, and can diagnose and  [More]

Fleet Maintenance

At M.A. Stephenson Autos, we have the expertise and the capacity to be able to underta  [More]

Fuel contamination drain

Fuel contamination can prove to be a very expensive problem, often requiring many part  [More]

Hand Car Wash

Just another one of our many services includes the hand-washing of cars, on top of oth  [More]


We have a fully licensed MOT test lane which makes use of the latest equipment. We hav  [More]

Mechanical Repairs

Give us a call, we have the equipment and expertise required to carry out mechanical r  [More]

Motorhomes - Repairs & M

M.A. Stephenson Autos can carry out servicing, repairs safety and MOT tests on your mo  [More]

Wheel Alignments

Incorrectly aligned wheels can cause uneven or rapid tyre wear, pulling away from a st  [More]

Wheel Balancing

Unbalanced wheels can be the cause of unwanted vibrations throughout your car, as well  [More]